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Grip changes

Changing grips regularly is vital for playing your best golf. Pitch & Wedge offer you a wide range of grip changes, for every taste different options !

The grip is the only contact point between the body and the club. A good grip allows you to feel comfortable, and swing the club freely.
Worn out grips, or slippery grips are a common reason for tension in forearms and fingers, restricting a good body and arm action.
As in every sport, tension is making muscle fiber slow and strong, but in golf , we want to create speed and repetition.
Ideally you change your grips every year, in some cases of extensive use, every 6 months.
Pitch & Wedge provides grips of every quality, color and feel.
We offer limited designs for the player looking for exclusivity, fit every size of hand, and we can even personalize grips ! 
Different putting grips are in stock to help you eliminate hand or wrist action in your stroke.
We change your grips in our professional gripping station on the first floor, the job will be fast and clean.
For more information on grip changes and prizes, please come in and discover our great prizes and grip options.
Let's grip and rip it!

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